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XY-8P high mesh water slurry

Be suitable for the fabric halftone printing with high mesh, it has a better permeability and bright hue, and used for the oval and octopus and other machine.

[Printing process]
1. Color mixing
2. Printing - air drying or heating drying (100 ° C, 1-3 minutes) - heat treatment (130-150 ° C, 2-3 minutes)

1. If you want to improve the printing fastness, it is recommended to add the cross-linking agent XY-J52 (long ageing, 24 hours, volume of addition1.0-3.0%);
2. The best screen mesh is 1500-3000;
3. The relevant items in manual description is based on standard test method, in order to avoid differences, the clients should take the necessary test before use according to your own methods and requirements.

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