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PU Glossy paste

Apply to the printing face with additive light or the smooth printing face with additive color. Printing surface is particularly bright with a reflective glass effect; the upper cover has a good viscosity with mucilage without damage on the original color of printing, meanwhile, and increases the mucilage’s fastness strength, hand feeling and elasticity, which also play a resistance to yellowing.

[Printing process]
Mucilage printing – PU smooth mucilage/dumb mucilage – drying (70-100 ° C, 1 minute) - heat treatment (130 ° 2-3 minutes)

[Fastness test]
1. Washing fastness test (60 ° C X 1 hour) X4 times: Level 4.0
2. Friction fastness test JIS standard L-0849 (100 times / 3 minutes): Level 4-4.5
Note: Fastness grade is from level 1 to level 5, and the level 5 is the highest level;

1. If you want to improve the printing fastness, it is recommended to add the cross-linking agent XY-J52 (long ageing, 24 hours, volume of addition1.0-3.0%).
2. The remaining mucilage should be sealed well after open the package; and please store in a cool place, shelf life is 6 months before opening the package;.
3. The relevant items in manual description is based on standard test method, in order to avoid differences, the clients should take the necessary test before use according to your own methods and requirements.
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