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XY-705A/B high covering white paste with machine printing

1. High coverage, use the oval printing machine to print for cotton or T / C fabrics. The machine has good operation applicability;
2. It can meet most of the fastness requirements without adding any cross-linking agent;

1. If you want to improve the printing fastness, it is recommended to add the cross-linking agent XY-J52 (long ageing, 24 hours, volume of addition1.0-3.0%).
2. The best screen mesh is 1200-1800;

[Fastness test]
1. Washing fastness test (60 ° C X 1 hour) X4 times: Level 4.0
2. Friction fastness test JIS standard L-0849 (100 times-3 minutes), Level 4.0-4.5

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