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The new direction of development from "smart printing" to creative life

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In Zhejiang Taiwan printing Wenchuang forum, Longgang network operators Park chairman Zheng Yijun as the "wisdom of printing, creative life" to speak, put forward a new concept of "wisdom printing".

What is the "wisdom of printing"? Wisdom refers to the ability to quickly and flexibly and correctly understand and solve the problem of things.   Wisdom is the foundation of people's actual life, especially in the modern society, no modern wisdom, cannot survive in modern society.   "The wisdom of printing is the extensive application of modern AR technology in the field of printing, and enhance the effect of audio and video, stereo and other forms of mobile devices through the Internet, show print rich content, sharing the latest information in the form of more cool experience and more efficient way.   "The wisdom of printing", has attracted a lot of interest in the industry.

"Smart printing" to adapt to the development demands of the Internet age.   We are now in the "Internet plus" era, "Internet plus" is changing the world.   The impact of information technology especially the subversive and revolutionary development of Internet technology development on traditional manufacturing industry.   The mobile Internet to the physical world and the virtual world of the Internet to find the combination of reality.   The Internet has also forced the traditional printing industry to be changed, and the contradiction between the traditional printing industry production capacity greater than the market demand has been very prominent.   The traditional printing industry to upgrade, to develop, must be with the current "Internet plus" era development closely. How to combine, rely on wisdom.   Smart printing is the Internet and traditional printing industry integration development of new products, which adapt to the new requirements of the current economic development under the new normal.

"The wisdom of printing and printing" advocate of cultural and creative industries integration.   The traditional printing industry to develop, one cannot do without the Internet, on the other hand to rely on cultural and creative design.   It must be closely combined with the cultural and creative industries, to create mutual influence, interaction, mutual promotion, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting common progress.   For example, Longgang network operators Park has developed an image recognition products, combined with the printing elements.   As long as the products in the common fruit picture sweep, fruit immediately become three-dimensional in mobile phone software box.   That is to say, the mobile phone software and printing combination can be printed, not moving into the original cold temperature, can interact with the product.   If some printing products for design according to the characteristics of children, can stimulate children's interest in learning, to make it more intuitive grasp of knowledge.   In summary, the "wisdom of the printing and printing" the perfect combination, can greatly improve the printing product value and market share.

"Smart printing" embodies the spirit of innovation.   The traditional printing enterprises need to upgrade innovation.   Innovation is the only way to the development of printing enterprises.   An industry, an enterprise has no sense of innovation, it is not sustainable.   Only enterprises with certain innovation ability, in order to maintain the leading position in the market.   How to innovate, we must rely on the wisdom to innovation.   "Smart printing" AR technology and printing products combined, through creative innovation, can be widely applied to many fields of entertainment, medicine, industry, education, engineering, tourism, film and television, games, military, geography, transportation, maintenance, training, interior design etc..   The wisdom of printed products is to get consumers vitality.

At present, the "wisdom of printing" by AR technology for many enterprises to realize the actual effect of sales promotion.   "Smart printing" has occupied a certain influence in Zhejiang market.   Cangnan printing industry to create new development advantages, we must rely on the wisdom of printing, printing technology show the enterprise itself and the cultural and creative ability, let our printing factory not only printing, more to show our printing and science and technology, culture, creative combination brings more value-added experience.

The age of the Internet, a lot of opportunities, let the wisdom of printing make traditional industry full of new vigor and vitality.   Let the wisdom of printing innovation unlimited, unlimited joy!

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