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The fate of the top-level design and packaging printing enterprises of enterprises

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Any digital publishing industry, any companies have one thing in common, that is the focus of the top.   The top reason to become a focus of enterprises is the enterprise only because of you, therefore, as long as your business or a person you say, so enterprise screen, good and bad, life and death are all in your hands.

There is a new term called top-level design, although the new term, but the nature is since the day since the birth of enterprises already exist, but people do not regard him as out of a research project.   In fact, the top-level design includes two aspects of the introduction, namely: 1 the boss how to design senior team; path 2 boss how to design the future development of enterprises.   With the development of the market continues to expand, people are constantly upgrading and gradually harsh competitive environment is more and more clear to see, the fate of an enterprise is still the master in the design of the above the top, that is to say that he and the boss of the industry closely associated with cognitive and ideology, the boss is not really clever and market follow the trend of the DTP, because he must have at least 5 years to 10 years of planning, there must be firm and indomitable perseverance and strong specificity, to withstand the temptation of the market, enterprises have to endure a downturn to endure loneliness, the market downturn hit RFID, in short is targeted to the correct path. Appropriate measures, unswervingly.

     The key point of the top-level design:

     1 industry vision:

Industry vision is always the first ruler test of a high-level business.   After the enterprise development to a certain size, the enterprise where the embossed, how to continue to develop, in what way this development is the premise of this issue to consider.   On the packaging and printing industry, the more than 60 thousand enterprises, there are nearly 20% large, accounting for 40% of medium-sized embossing, Wei enterprises accounted for 35%, the giant in these enterprises is about 5%.   60% of the enterprises have to face routing problem and the development direction of the development of an enterprise, in the 20% large-scale enterprises in the real foundation firmly, as hard as cliff pine most have been listed scanning, these already listed companies in tobacco packaging industry accounted for about 50% of watermarking enterprises accounted for 40%, the other belongs to fixed matching, by attachment of customers to parasitic development.   The list of the top 100 in 2015 the national printing industry enterprises can see.   No matter how you live, development and network, are all around the way, different paths to the management model and business philosophy will be different.   After the blind development of 10 years before and on the outbreak, the markets have calmed down, why this is also started from the 2014 major reshuffle of the industry.   In the industry reshuffle in the tide of packaging general, down many enterprises scale also many old enterprises, these enterprises are still the old scale of large-scale expansion, such as the Guangdong area after 2003, companies began to Shandong and Jiangsu coastal line expansion to Henan, Shaanxi and Shanxi, industry regulations Sichuan and other Midwest expansion, of course, the transfer of the upstream of the customer has been to these human resources relatively low area.   This is forcing suppliers to follow.

In fact, the essence of the so-called vision is a natural law, what can change the nature of anti-counterfeit packaging, but it is difficult to change, because the natural law is a natural process and result of social development, can you recognize in advance, it is very prescient, otherwise you have to follow behind in others.   The development of the Ma Yun seventeen years ago to meet the Internet and online shopping so tighten their belts for more than and 10 years, adhere to the teeth for a dozen years, this is the height of industry regulations, this is the vision.   When you see the Alibaba after the listing of the electricity supplier charm and boundless energy, you can go to have a good result, absolutely impossible.   The development of the packaging industry is necessary to follow the trend of the world forward, you must do good to move to, you must do society in the preparation of cosmetics packaging continues to progress, and poor areas will soon be developed, as long as any region in the development of business costs must continue to rise.   As long as the printing, packaging and printing as well as profit margins will be investment, one investment will continue to increase competition pressure, as long as you participate in the business in the community you can not avoid competition.   As long as you reach out to the society and screen, then you have to accept the supervision of the society, as long as you to bank loans you have to unconditionally pay interest, you can close down, but the bank loan will not give you away, this is the social.   All the people want a better Shanghai Guanghua, so you should consider to increase the cost of the future, any supply prices will continue to decrease, you must have a pre prepared, the purchase price is not because of your difficulties and continue to reduce the digital printing in China, so you must advance to deal with.   People's profit margins than you, then you will advance to the development and innovation of investment, you do not want to R & D investment today, tomorrow you have to accept losses punishment.   Today your footsteps is not practical for digital printing Postpress, tomorrow it may fall.

Packaging and printing industry is the future of large-scale and automation world, more than 60 thousand national packaging enterprises may be integrated out of 2/3, then you are not prepared in advance, you can be integrated to.   Do the food can do special services, clothing can do pure manual customization enterprise, and packaging and printing industry, you may not have a manual operation, manual operation because you do not come, you can provide services for small retail price, but with the electricity supplier platform gradually improved, standardized general packaging will share will come in time.   People with heart the maturity of color management, streamline packaging, packaging must be practical to defeat the excessive packaging and improper packing, so down, small quantities of your service it is difficult to have the space.   The natural law is the law of social progress, 20 years ago when people pay hundreds of yuan of offset press, a 21 inch CRT TV nearly 1000 yuan, now pay over 10 times, and 32 inch LCD smart TV is still nearly 1000 yuan.   The LCD TV come from abroad taohuan 20 years ago but a few million, this is the law of nature.   20 years ago, 1 overprint, shoebox profit of nearly 1 dollars, and now a people rush on like a swarm of hornets, shoebox profit of 1 cents, the boss of investment is still in a continuous line.   In the time of social geography, constantly rationalize print, all this you ready.

Investment is the boss, management is the boss, after the investment, the enterprise where to go, and how to develop the water supply / fountain, how to avoid the tempestuous waves, how not to get to the capital market rules, how not to be abandoned for social progress, all this requires the old board must have a sharp, digital printing machine rational, objective social insight, no extraordinary ability can be very hard to go to the management of enterprise leaders.

     2 horses of the sharp, rational eyes:

Any enterprise can not rely on the boss of a person to manage, or green printing, that is the workshop, and the choice of occupation managers is a very large knowledge.   First of all, choose what kind of occupation managers and this may be the boss's personality and knowledge have a great relationship, the boss can be rational to measure a person's ability from many aspects, clearly know what kind of person they need PS version, can correctly judge a person's actual ability and personality and character the boss is mostly perceptual, will measure a person according to the surface of the feeling, the actual ability basically are lack of reliable judgment of people, the so-called perceptual person is actually because of their lack of experience and experience of the body should have emerged.   In reality, we will find the boss often praised his emotional things, certainly not long dry Shanghai electric, and those who don't feel good but he can still do it.   How to choose a suitable, really have the ability of occupation managers is the first test of the boss, because it is directly related to the smooth degree of the fate of an enterprise and development.

At present, almost the entire packaging industry in offset, occupation managers increasingly younger age development, which also makes people more and more difficult.   First of all, young active thinking, full of go natural, but also shows the lack of social experience and lack of experience, ideal, outstanding performance and actual operation ability is not strong.   According to the current students' learning experience and social experience, occupation managers generally in the age above 35 years old as appropriate.   We need to understand that no matter how educated, even more material, Dr. even postdoctoral All India exhibition, but also can not represent the personal social experience, the higher the degree of social experience is shallow, and the enterprise management is not a school, in addition to some professional knowledge but also need strong knowledge management.   Over the past 20 years has been introduced into China Enterprise Management Vocational Training Awards, namely MBI, as we all know, the basic condition of MBI entry is not a high degree, and it is 5 years of experience.   This is MBI is designed according to the actual needs of the enterprise's first lifting training, it is different from the school is that it is in need of certain cognitive experience under review and re publishing system to improve, is to learn, because a lot of management knowledge is not in school the folk saying "not without", that is to say, you have experienced something on the lips that you could never understand EPSON, so MBI was first to emphasize the experience is the prerequisite, and do not understand is now there are many universities opened up MBI course, that is to say, there are quite a number of students also participated in early MBI learning CTF, this point may be a bit confusing, so learn out of the performance can reach the master's degree, but not the MBI master degree, which is why the MBI master's degree in business administration. "Master" reason.   While many of our boss in the interview when senior managers always love to look at education, listen to the speech of DTP, most of these emotional boss's practice, because the occupation managers not only have the qualifications, but also have a high IQ and EQ, good personality. Young people love instant success, if the boss also love the quick if other packaging, then, every process you go are likely to trap and even the cliff.   For bad managers, they may lack the most basic integrity of the two words, if things go on like this impact is the enterprise lack of credibility, lack of enterprise in the industry in the world.   Not a good boss won't be playing with you layout, not the integrity of the enterprise, there will be no supplier dare to play with you, talk to cash not suppliers will not have customers dare to cooperate with you, not worth a penny to occupation managers, all have the ability of the technical backbone will go away from you.

Management is not only dealing with people of Shanghai electric, because senior managers management including enterprise in all aspects, which aspects of the functional departments have professional things of its own, non professional people are very difficult to truly understand, this is a very normal what if a layoff, occupation managers, a boss will love feel what all understand, always feel smarter than others, then you are certainly great enterprise internal friction, while profits are very meager paste box, this is the result of self.

     3 dare to lose self, intelligent decision making:

When the Communist Party of the world, Mao Zedong is a global master direction, specific things by specific personnel to solely responsible for this, but everything Walters, everything is in place.   Jiang Jieshi always love a personal decision, a straight line, for anyone worried, the result can only be counterproductive for everything, everything is ended in failure.   Ma can predict 15 years after the electricity supplier wine packaging, adhere to and firmly grasp the direction of change, and strive for the welfare of a gang of men go getters, the result is achieved, and is harvested and glorious results.

People always think you're so clever, always feel very high fidelity printing, smart, and the reason is because they are to understand many professional things not.   The folk saying: "daredevil" is now "the ignorant bile maximum".   In reality, almost all of the professional, more professional strong people more cautious, and more do not understand what people more is not dare to think of agencies / organizations, not dare to.   A top management, if a boss is also on the art expert to command all the common earth, eventually pay for the absolute is yourself, your team is definitely a puppet team, because we have no right to print on demand, nature is also not necessary to talk, because that is no use but also make you feel happy.

The capital tend to self, if things go on like this naturally easy to form a self centred, sometimes we must dare to lose self education, accept new things all in print, but one thing we forget that your men are responsible for always are only part of a one-sided so this is precisely the local needs of his professional knowledge, if he lost his quality control, he in this position and what the meaning of it, so we can not have the order reversed.   We can see in society, really afraid of losing self is the boss, the boss also should get rid of the Tangshan jade seal, smart boss should understand that he is not a panacea, it doesn't need to be a panacea, the enterprise is not shop, not an individual can do the digital publishing, we need to face the talented person, because we need all aspects of professional.   Since we need a team, the quality of our team as long as you hold the pass, the team of excellent quality is good, the other I only need a reasonable legal system of Shanghai Guanghua, the other not worry, because do not understand a professional people everywhere to professional advice, can only be more pipe the more chaotic, you go more and more is the get out of hand.

For the occupation managers in the daily management of the printing process, if your hand is always to you every day, making a lot of opinions, every day was very reluctant to accept your decision, it shows you are excessive act, your IQ problem, are you doing what you cannot.   If the digital printing, your backbone line always stay your emotional intelligence is a problem, because your character and personality so that they can not accept.   If the technical backbone of the company of your bulk turnover, even the measures Frence leave, seriously off track line processing, this is not you reform, you are selfish, you are in your life, play in the life of enterprises.

Any enterprise are most afraid of the company occupied the vital interests of the employees of the problem, the decision whenever touched the interests of employees must not be a person of color, the repairer, most probably it did not actually happen especially when to make blind and disorderly conjectures, operating pressure is the best test of an occupation manager occupation accomplishment, how to let the company make a breakthrough how to create interest is your duty to print publications, it all depends on the staff's common struggle to have the results, and in this very sensitive time, if you on behalf of the company from the employees under the knife, serious violations of the vital interests of the employees, this is not to care whether live or die printing process, in the Dutch act.   Sometimes you may not think how serious the problem is, don't take for granted the employee, employee team once spread to the company's discontent, then you will not be able to pick up the pieces.   Do not think that Chinese has 1 billion 300 million people, no shortage of migrant workers offset, you are wrong, but is completely mistaken, China population more, it is free, now than 20 years ago in the beverage packaging, even if the soldier can be found, but not a good generals, many soldiers are placed. This is the reason why Jiang Jieshi, the 8 million army was just 30 thousand of the Red Army to go to Taiwan.

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