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How to print off the European manufacturers and suppliers of reaction

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In June 24, 2016, the British and European referendum released the results of the vote count, off the European camp to win 51.9% of the vote.   This is what will be the impact of manufacturer and supplier of printing industry?   Some of the printing industry suppliers and manufacturers expressed their views on the results.

The supplier brings to a British exit uncertainty to panic.   The general manager of Gerard Heidelberg.   Heanue said: "this is a shock, I think the market will be some fluctuations, the pound will appear weak phenomenon, which may lead to lower imports of capital investment.   I think the price of paper imports will increase, production costs will increase, imports of printing at least 10% will increase the price, it may be more conducive to print in the UK, it may also bring some positive effects."

Heanue said he expected due to the weakness of sterling, packaging company group, big big UK production will increase in the short term.   It will bring the uncertainty, no one will love uncertainty.

Digital prepress and printing equipment company front graphics management director Bob   Usher   Said "very disappointing for this result".   He said: "unfortunately, we have experienced 8 years of economic recession, the past 18 months, we once again into confusion. We are now in a blank state, I do not know what will happen from now until October, I don't think anyone would know.   From the supplier's point of view, we do not have a large number of transactions during the holidays, but once the end of the holiday, to October, the printing industry will start, as long as you can get continuous information from the government, we will be very good."

Antalis, managing director of David   Hunter also shocked by this result, the same is blank.   He said that "since last Friday, we have been trying to find it on our business means what, as a French company, provides a different idea for us, our parent company is a company of the mind, we will find the way it has changed our customers we will take care of our employees.   With the British business contacts will not change, this is an important part of the group's business."

In the rest of the industry from the current situation may boost the spirit, such as digital imaging technology manufacturers FFEI CEO Andy   Cook think it is good, because the weaker pound will make the products more competitive pricing.

"Most of our business is export, mainly in North America and asia.   The weak pound and inflation for us is a big headache.   It will bring the uncertainty, we do not love the uncertainty.   We need the government to tell us what will happen, we need to lead, but everybody seems to escape."

The printing industry mergers and acquisitions expert CEO Paul   Holohan, that forms in the positive aspects of development.   "I am very optimistic for the future development, I think, is the printing industry, the result is neutral, from the merger and acquisition point of view, the key issue is the availability of funds, and there is more liquidity than banks in 2008.   I think people will not stop the transaction, and will as in the past to do business.   Most can promote the enterprise merger and acquisition is an enterprise needs strategic intentions will not change.   Willing buyer, willing sellers and capital is the fundamental business, I think it will not change.   Because the printing is basic and practical."

A British exit is a foregone conclusion, this is more or less will bring some influence on the printing industry, regardless of the impact, should actively face.   The development of the printing industry and wish the global printing industry can have better.

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