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The survey report shows that wide format printing ink market growth

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HP PageWide commercial printers help HP occupy 2015 global sales of 41% wide printing ink

A April 2016 report from the wide sales data to prove that the rapid growth of the printing ink printing ink market wide.   The world wide printing market has played a positive role.

PhotizoGroup Ron, vice president of sales said: "historically, wide format printers in terms of hardware, the growth in the market is relatively slow, but to promote economic growth in the market is the ink itself."

Iversen said, the development of technology led to the sale of the difference between the substrate and ink occupy almost the total income of wide printing market 80%.   He said: "the new development of printing platform driven by economic growth, HP PageWide technology is a good example.   The wide format printer speed will be due to the development of print head technology improved, the wide format printer will now press from the traditional business into commercial production.   This means that the need for more and more printing ink.

The report shows that HP is the world's top 2015 largest supplier in wide printing ink sales, to occupy the first 41%, followed by Canon in 21% place second, EPSON occupies third to 19%, Luo Lanhe Mimaki respectively to 3.4% and 2.7% accounted for fourth and fifth.

Is expected to end in 2020, wide printing ink supplier revenue from 1 billion 700 million in 2016 rose to 1 billion 850 million pounds sterling.   And in 2020 was sent to the global ink volume will rose from 4 million 800 thousand in 2015 rose to 6 million liters.

Find the percentage of sales around the world survey of ink and OEM ink cartridges OEM customer service market, mature market is more inclined to buy a higher proportion.   Iversen said: "this change depends on where in the world, if it is in more developed countries, they tend to keep using the same with the original equipment manufacturer of ink, and in less developed countries are more concerned about the price, they are more likely to use a higher proportion of the customer service market of the ink, because it is cheaper."

In Western Europe, Germany is the largest supplier of ink, followed by the uk.   In large format printing market revenue in Western Europe's share of the global market share of 26%.

The report covers the global survey of all regions and manufacturers, distributors and industry experts.   Hope wide printing ink market can be predicted, the development of better and better.

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